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I wish they stop wireless@sg

I hope IDA gets to read this.

I’m not joking. This is not another sarcastic blog entry by my evil twin brother. I really wish they would stop wireless@sg. The quality of this free service is getting from bad to worst. I used wireless@sg 3 times this week. For 2 occasions, I was able to connect to the network but couldn’t load the login page. For the other occasion, I was able to login to internet but keep getting disconnected every 5 to 10 minutes. Wireless@sg is just too fustrating to use. It is totally not reliable at all. Someone asked me what do I expect from a free service. I guess we can't really expect too much. Yes, it is a free service. But what is the point of being free when the service is unusable? I rather IDA stop this whole wireless@sg project. Revert all the hotspot back to the paying model that we had in the past. At least the wireless hotspot are more reliable back then. I rather pay than put up with this useless thing.

I was a paying customer for wireless hotspot before wireless@sg was here. At a small fee of $10 per month, I never have to worry if the network is available or not. The network is reliable and I don’t remember any occasion when I couldn’t logon to internet. Now that all the paying hotspot has been converted to wireless@sg, you can’t even pay to get a reliable hotspot. Yes, they do provide premium account where you pay to surf at faster speed. But how do you surf at faster speed when you can’t even load the login page? I was a paying customer for wireless@sg premium service for the first few months when it was launched until I was so fed up and decide to cancel the service. It just isn’t worth paying for a network that is unreliable.

I guess I should really go apply for M1 mobile broadband. I cannot afford to have unreliable network if I want to work on the move in the future. At least M1 mobile broadband is more reliable than wireless@sg.

Oh, btw, advance happy birthday to wireless@sg. I still remember the media hoo-ha one year ago when you are born. The media is still saying good things about you. I guess either they never tried using you or they are still in denial. I’m totally disappointed with wireless@sg. And I'm not the only person complaining about it. Saw several people complaining about wireless@sg too. Most of them have switched to M1 mobile broadband.

IDA: Look, if your great wireless@sg is so good, WHY would anyone still want to apply for M1 mobile broadband? Think about it.

This entry is written on MS Word at MW Starbucks on 9 Nov 2007, 7pm. Wireless@sg is unavailable, as usual.


amen to that!

wireless@sg sux to the max!

firdooze: I think we can start a wireless@sg hate site. :D

I've got no problem logging on to wirless@sg with my laptop & handphone all this while.

Anyway, you can't compare wireless broadband with wifi, please do an apple-to-apple comparison.

lly: Maybe we are just the unlucky ones who keep having problem with wiress@sg.

I know I can't compare mobile broadband with wireless@sg. But after wireless@sg rolled out, there isn't much hotspot for us left to compare.

The only few that I can think of is the one by NYDC, Geek Terminal and UniSIM. All of them are more reliable than wireless@sg.

I guess it will be good for everyone in the long run. It is hard to have perfect roll out from the start. I think it will get better with time.

At the mean time we can start a


Astro: Yes, I'm really very very tempted to start that website.

Someone asked me what do I expect from a free service.

was it me? =P

A few months ago it was ok for me but these few weeks were unbearable. Blank pages kept showing up on my laptop because of the laggy connection. Youtube videos can't work on it too.

LOL, sometimes I just off my modem & use wireless@sg at home :) works fine for me.

Sylv: Yeap yeap. :P

James: Its been bad for me ever since it started. But yes, it's getting worst and worst.

Public educator: Wah ciao. Where you stay?

I feel your pain man...wireless@SG is a good idea, but hardware wise, massive upgrade is needed man.

The M1 Broadband thingy is good tho, heard its $22'ish or something per month...

Jason Ho: Yeap, the mobile broadband is good. At least don't need to puke blood with wireless@sg.

I'm deciding between M1 and Singnet.

I have a chance to play with Starhub, M1 and SingTel Mobile Internet.

Of the three players, StarHub is the best when come to download and upload bandwidth.

Just signed upm1 broadband. Damn smooth.

Anon: But Starhub quite expensive leh.

Paddy: Don't make me jealous.

I actually did volunteer testing for Wireless@SG about a month ago, and was assigned to the Jurong East area. My laptop couldn't associate with some networks, while at some other places, my laptop kept disconnecting and re-connecting to the network.

However, when it did connect, I must admit that the transfer speed was on par with what is advertised. But hey, what's the use of having such a great backbone to the central office when nobody can access your front-end?

Maybe we should start a wiki site to list down the locations where Wireless@SG is actually working, and where it is not, so that people on the move know which places to avoid...

Wireless@SG not a free service. Nothing is free. We pay with our tax $$$.

I started using w@sg in Dec and found the experience very frustrating too. I ended up registering with ALL 3 'providers' because at a hotspot like McD, the service is usually provided by icell and if I try using my original Singtel id, it would get bounced.

Well recently I was at JE Library and couldn't get the log-in page at all. I approached the service counter but you know the drill: The lib staff are courteous but they really can't do anything about it - "We're only the location host, not the service provider... sorry. Would you like to call this number: 63380870?"

After checking around and confirming with a few other 'cannot connect' folks, I called the number. It was for iCell, and surprise, surprise the person was actually interested to help.

What I learned was interesting. In JE Lib, there are hotspots provided by BOTH Singtel and iCell. By checking the ip address of the router from my notebook, it was determined that the Singtel router was the @##$%ed up on on Level 2. The tech advised me to go to L3 and try again. It worked... iCell router on L3 no prob, log-in page appeared right away.

I was impressed that the Tech apologised even though it was officially 'not iCell's fault'. I was assured that a team was on the way to check what happened on L2.

So... if you ever get the 'no log-in page' situation, maybe you should consider caller the number above. The least that can happen is that tech support can determine which provider screwed up. Better than just bitching away and getting no solution at all.


Quick add-on:

Singtel support: 1610 or 1626
iCellwireless support: 63380870
Qmax support: 67960360

If you use a 'regular' hotspot you should take note of the log-in page (when it is working) for the service provider. Hopefully, the other 2 are at least as on the ball as iCell.

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