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DK on TechCrunch

Wow, what a week. After being interviewed by The New Paper, I was being mentioned on TechCrunch. They were talking about the $1 admin fee imposed by Nuffnang and reference my blog entry about this issue.

Many thanks to Uzyn and Cobalt Paladin for informing me that I was being mentioned on TechCrunch. I was at Millenia Walk's coffee bean watching movie on my laptop and enjoying a cup of Mocha Latte when I got the twitter message. I could have gone to TechCrush TechCrunch straight away and impress the beautiful lady sitting next to me. But wireless@sg is, well, doing what most wireless@sg does. Unable to connect to internet even though I'm connected to the network. Sorry... I side tracked. Don't get me started on wireless@sg....

It's an honour to be mentioned on TechCrunch, the 4th most popular blog on Technorati. And I'm really flattered when they referred me as a 'prominent blogger'. I'm floating already. AAAAHHHHH!!!! CELLING!! *BANG!!*

No lah, I'm not a prominent blogger. Still very far from it.

Another 5 second of fame this week. At this rate that I'm going, I think I'll reach the 15 minutes of fame in a lifetime quota very soon.

I remember someone told me that only 2 Singapore companies have been mentioned on TechCrunch so far. Well, I guess we can consider Nuffnang as the 3rd now.

Update: The article has been translated to Japanese. Konichiwa!!!

OK I don't know which one is funnier...

1. You actually were watching a movie on your laptop at Millenia Walk's coffee bean on your date..


2. That you actually mis-spelled TechCrunch as TechCrush, in the same line that you mentioned "the beautiful lady"...

DK DK DK... :P

ntt: Typo!! It wasn't intentional.... really.

Amended. :P

You and Nuffnang are always together.

Sure you are getting more traffic now. Same to me. hehe..

Putera emas: Don't link me with nuffnang. I'm not related to them in any way. :P

Actually, the traffic from TechCrunch wasn't as much as I was expecting. But yes, getting quite some traffic. And few more extra links from websites that reproduce TechCrunch's article.

Wah ... famous liao!

wokkingmum: Not yet lah. Still far from it. :P

At this rate, you'll finally get your lg shine :P

Doh, click too fast and now i'm an anon :S

Hey DK! :)

First, congrats of being mentioned. Second, you have more than 15mins of fame for sure. Trust me. :)

Rinaz: But LG Shine outdated liao. I want the latest model!! :D

Paddy: Thx. But I think 15 minutes enough. Else wait people complain that I hog the media. :P

Oi! You trying to hint hint what? That always on the news huh? Not a lot hor .. CNN, CNBC, WSJ, ST, Digital Life, Yahoo, Springwise etc etc only. :p

Paddy: Not enough meh? You exceed your 15 min qouta already. :P

Ok ok.... just pulling your leg lah. Next time, your new venture will probably be in those too leh? :)

Hope so. :)

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