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"Face on table" Meme

I don't know why so many people interested in my "face on table" picture in my blog profile. I even have to put my face on the table during meetup to proof to them that I'm really DK. Haha.

Just some background info about that picture. It was taken in my school library. I was doing my revision for my exams. And I was so bored that that started playing with my handphone camera. And there you have it, the famous DK's "Face on table" picture. :D

Anyway, Rinaz did a "face on table" on her tumblr today. Hendri followed by posting a "face on table" shot in his flickr. Hmmm.... am I starting a cult here?


OK, I've decided to start a "face on table" Meme. It's very simple.
Post a picture of your face on the table and tag another 5 people to do it. Be creative. Try different pose.

Here is my classic "face on table" picture.

I tag:-
East Coast Life
Cobalt Paladin

Wait.... I should tag more people since I'm the Meme starter. So I also tag

And anyone who wants to play can also do this meme. :D
Lets have fun putting our face on the table.

UPDATE: I've decided to issue a health warning.

MORE UPDATES: OK, I know face on table is quite boring and limited. So some of you guys suggested "face on anything". Well, go ahead. Let your creativity juice flow. :)

Nicole did a great "Face on *Insert object name*" picture. :)

I've started a thread in forum for everyone to post their picture. :)

I can't list everyone's name here. I hope everyone will come have some fun and do this meme. Come come... Join in this meme..... Don't shy. :D


stop tagging meeee!!!!

Na ni na ni bo bo :P

Waaahhh! Do this ugly post??? aiyaaaaah!!!

I'm gonna change it a little and do it with another tag. Kill 2 birds with one stone.

I tried! The picture came out loop sided....

dk.. now i've tagged u for another meme.. heehee

Wahaha.. this is fun!! But i m not gonna do dis becoz my nose is flat 'nuff.

Don worry. If your nose is flat, it will not be flatten further.

Quick, do 1 now. :D

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