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他跟我玩! 我打给Stomp!

Someone uploaded another video clip about the TPY incident where a Ang Moh who hit 2 girls

The previous 2 video clip are provided by the victim. But this new clip seems to be from another person. I didn't mention in my previous post that the victim is a star blogger at Stomp. After all, star blogger also human, still need to queue up to buy chicken rice also. So why need special mention?

But it seems that being a star blogger does have some benefits.

Like activating the entire Stomp crew to help out when in trouble.

She gave me the feeling that she thinks she can use Stomp to take revenge on the Ang Moh because she is a star blogger at Stomp.

"他跟我玩! 我打给Stomp!"

Isn't that nice? Star blogger personal Stomp hotline. I wonder how many calls does Serene get from their star bloggers everyday. Poor gal.

LOL luckily she doesn't hold any rank...
Ever wonder what will happen if she's a commander? =X

Public Educator: I don't wanna think that far. -_-'''

Classic case of the pot calling the kettle black?

I think Stomp will have something to say about this. 'Star Blogger' don't know how to conduct herself in public.

Think it is so easy to be a star? Think again.

Probably fame went over her head.

有几分之色,不代表你时对的 :P

motd: I still feel that the Ang Moh and his female friend is wrong. But that aside, I find it interesting that she think she can activate the whole stomp crew to TPY to report her story. (k, I know SPH is very near to HDB hub, but still.....)

Paddy: I guess so too.

xizor: I don't know leh. Is she really that pretty? I find her so so only leh. Maybe not my type. :P

dk ar... I where got comment before this ar? xinyun is my mei but still not me. :P

Anyway, I looked at all 3 videos, and what I see is the aftermath and just one side of the story. It would be logical to ask did anyone really see the woman 'hit her with umbrella' and the angmoh 'punch her in the face'?

This video in particular looks more like her trying to incite mob justice to me.

*bish dk*

wrong nick :P

well, to those hum sum lo & kids, she's pretty. to me, she's just another vase on sale.

xizor: Paiseh paiseh. Both nick start with 'x' lah. Somemore it looks like your style mah. :P Sorry sorry. hee hee.

I do agree that it's a one sided story. It's up to viewers to buy or reject the story.

xinyun: Sorry lah. Your style machim like xizor's style. hee hee.

OK, I still stand by my words. Not my type. :P

他跟我玩! 我打给!

CC: Don't think it will work. :P

Y don't work? CC also star blogger in ping mah. His posts hit top10 one! LOL

hmmm, dont know the true story on this. This just show that you might be the one being wronged, harmed or simply being the victim in the first place, but if you handle the situation wrongly, you will become the accused...

P.S. Pretty or not, guy punch girl = no good.

Jas: You also star blogger. You try it next time lor. Let us know if it works. :P

bypassing: True. Guy punch gal, always wrong.

I just thought of this... 我去教堂告诉我爸爸... 你走着瞧...

教堂爸爸 = God.

Xizor: hmmm.... din quite get the joke. Is it racist? :P

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