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MDA Senior Management Rap (Contains some disturbing scenes)

I think MDA needs to come up with new film classifications for this video. This video clip is beyond R21 rating.

Warning: The film is not suitable for anyone below the age of 21 23. Contains some disturbing scenes.
Watch at your own risk. You have been warned.

Strange. Did MDA submit this clip to their own censorship board? I bet there wouldn’t be anything left after it gone thru the censorship board’s scissors.

The video was produced by local production house Threesixzero Productions.
It enlisted director Daniel Stevenson from Australia and the music was written by local composer Bernard Teo.
The lyrics were a collaboration between songwriter Mohd Sharin and MDA officers.

Can someone explain what message are they trying to convey thru this video? How much taxpayers’ money is wasted on this video?

And how come nobody step out and say "Boss, I think its not a good idea. You all look like clowns in the video."
Either the staffs hate the senior management and want to see them make a fool out of themselves. Or they are afraid to tell their senior management that they look like clowns. Why didn't anyone stop them?

Are they trying to outdo the Malaysia’s information minister’s joke?

Yes yes y’all, we don’t stop
Get creative, can do, rock on!
Yes yes y’all, we don’t stop
Get connected worldwide, rock on!

Indeed very creative. They remind me of the P65.
So what’s next from our highly paid government?

Wha... This is super lame man.. Now when I go overseas, I will be embarrassed to say I am from Singapore..

Think I'll say I am from India.. better.. at least dun have to explain this video..

ntt: good for you. I don't know where to hide my face now.

F%$# bunch of morons who think they know it all. They say the video is so popular they had to put it online....yeah rite!! What stupid things they are doing n will be doing ...please do not share with us cause you are a bunch of idiots leading the media industry to doom. Enough of this trying to be cool crap!!

U Ain't No Rappers Delight: Well, to be fair, the video is very popular. Everyone is laughing at it now.

This off the hizzle my dizzle!

Crazy idea by them la! Makes them look so silly! Worse than the P65 MP's rap!

kenny: Think you can rap much better than them. :)

James: I guess there is always someone out there trying to outdo the P65 hiphop. :)

Here, somebody did a more realistic nature of MDA.

Spyer: Nice. Thx for the link. :D

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