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Crazy Woman attaches 7 N95s on the car exterior

This is one of those things that normal people won't be doing. Or rather, cannot afford to do.

Imagine, 7 N95 attached on the exterior of your car. Who got 7 N95 to begin with? Even if you have 7 N95, would you be crazy enough to attach it on the exterior of your car?

OK lah, she is not crazy. It's Nokia telling her to do that. And the 7 N95 doesn't belongs to her. So why not? I would have done even worst if the N95 doesn't belongs to me. Perhaps drive a car over it, while recording the process using Qik. (Hmmm.... that is a good idea. Wondering if Nokia would send me a N95 for me to do that.)

But still, I find the thing they do a bit far fetched. The site is interesting. But perhaps they can do something closer to reality. Wondering how many more days to the next 14 days?

Notice she kept saying computer instead of phone? :)

Shift of Nokia positioning with this phone.

Should slap the software to prevent theft mah ... so when phone dropped onto the road still can get it back mah! hahaha

Paddy: That is Nokia's marketing. Calling it a computer instead of phone.

You need more than a anti thieft software. You need anti shock software too. Confirm run over by cars if it drop on the road.

hahaha, paddy.. and bak2you supports the N95 correct what! haha.. and maybe DK is on to something, anti-shock patents for all these mobile computers coming out.. back when handphones first came out they were so sturdy.. now if we drop one of our phones.. heart pain sial..

hey DK, thanks for putting the post up! It's true that it's marketing, calling it a computer, but it's also true that mobile phones aren't really what they were before.. N95 fully accesses the wifi network like a laptop, is a music player, video player, captures high quality video and images.. so calling it a mobile device wouldn't be toooooooo far off i hope? *grin*

Can I have the host instead?

Brian: If I can come out with anti shock patents, I think I'll be a lot richer than Paddy. (PS: he keep saying he not rich, but in fact he is :P )

eugenemon: No you may not. :P

ahahahah i'm not that crazy and well, sharp ears for what i said:)not everyone noticed that!

Hi erialc, Nice to have you drop by. :)

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