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Refer a friend to Blog2u and win an iPod Classic!!! is doing a blogger recruitment drive now and they are giving away a free iPod classic from iSHOP by Club 21, running with a full version of BAK2u GadgetTrak Anti-theft software with it!!! Wow....

For the uninitiated, BLOG2u.SG is a match-making service for advertisers and bloggers; to deliver online word of mouth of products and services from freelancers, agents and even bloggers in the most cost effective method through blogs.

OK, back to the lucky draw. So here is how it works. All existing member of Blog2u can refer any of your blogger friends to sign up with blog2u and both the member and the new signup will get 1 Referral Point each. At the end of the month, Blog2u will conduct a lucky draw to decide the winner of the iPod. Every referral point means one chance in the lucky draw.

I wish I could ask people to sign up Blog2u, put my URL as the referral and get a chance to win the iPod. But Paddy say I don't qualify. Cause if I win, people will say we kelong. Damn. It doesn't pay to be friend with Paddy.

But well, you can still sign up Blog2u here and get a chance to win the iPod without any referral. Wish you luck.

I think good that you not in else you sure win one. hahahahahah

Rudesingaporeans: See lah. It's because of people like you that make me disqualified for the lucky draw. *&%$#@

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