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What if you took just one?

Saw this short video clip on a forum. Very touching. Love the background music too.

Every day: so many opportunities to connect.
What if you took just one?

A thousand words

Great job. Looks like a Sony T200 commercial.
Wondering if there will be a part 2.


It's beautiful but it still means she will have to make the first move to call him!

How can???

If she purposely left her camera for him to track her, he should go all the way.

He shouldn't expect the postal service to forward it and then she calls.

No way I'll do it. Hmprh!

Frankly, I was disappointed.

bypassing: Yeap, I love it. :D

Precious: But then, he don't have the gal's addy. So no choice got to go thru postal service. But isn't that nice? He take a pic of himself with the telephone number. :)

What I will do if really going all the way out is to put all the photos together and up it on Youtube and let it circulate.

Paddy: That is so un-romantic. haha.

omg... i really love it! went over to look at yoyao's blog too :p

That was a sweet and romantic clip, but then my cynical self kicked in. Maybe part two could be something like

sweska: Errr... who is Yoyao?

Rinaz: nygirlofmydream? hmm... interesting site. Maybe we can start a sggirlofmydream too. haha.

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