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Why MacOS? (Reason #8761)

#8761: Show off with Exposé.

What are you waiting for? Get a Mac now.
**Do the iPod advertisment dance** WooHoo!


1. Hehee... your face on photobooth is funny.. LOL

2. Stop using MSN, switch to Adium.. it's so much better.

3. It's funny to see your twitter.. looks very similar to mine.. :p

4. Use spaces lah!!

Njoy.. :p

mwaahahaha.. true true.. this is the thing i always use to show off! :D actually i use it for efficiency lah... but then when my friend sees he/she will tell me to do it again and then will cry "Oooooh". Mwahahah

1. Shit, I didn't snap that photo.

2. Will switch soon. The MSN is killing me. Seriously, does Microsoft got any good Mac programmers?

3. Maybe I hacked into your account? Hahaha... kidding.

4. Slowly exploring the features. Will touch on Space later. :D

Sylv: I set Exposé on my mouse middle button. Haha. Use it for switching between apps. No more Alt-tabs now. :D

All I want is a super ipod discount (seeing as how no one will sponsor me)

Haa! I see heroes!

Rinaz: Sssshhh... :P

I got a MacBook a couple of days back and all I can say is that Apple Rocks!! ;)

Still need a little getting used to tho..

Jason: Welcome to MacOS! I'm still trying to get used to it too. Haha.

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