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Free coffee at Starbucks on 6 Dec 2007

It's the annual Starbucks Christmas Open House.

Starbucks will be giving out free coffee on 6 Dec 2007 (Thursday) between 5pm to 7pm. You can make a donation of any amount and all proceeding will go to The Salvation Army. BTW: This only applies for Singapore Starbucks. Not sure if other countries have similar events too.

Expect long queues. For me, I'll rather go on normal days so that I can enjoy my coffee peacefully.

Crap lah.. I am supposed to meet a friend at Starbucks on Thursday at 7.. Is gonna be freaking crowded.. :(

Ntt: Change to Coffee Bean or Geek Terminal. Or wait till 7:30. Should be less crowded by then since they stop at 7pm. :D

I prefer going on normal days too. More peaceful and hell of a lot less people about.

Mintea: Yeap. Same here. In fact, I avoid Starbucks during their open house.

Coffee is about enjoyment in a peaceful environment. :D

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