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Don't touch me

**Super delayed entry**

Got a free iPod Touch from Singnet couple of weeks ago for renewing my contract with them. Actually my contract ends around March. But I renewed it recently cause of the good offer. I don't know why, but they always don't have good offer in March. So better don't wait till march then renew.

I'm still wondering if this is a iPod or a PDA. Basically, if you were to jailbreak it, it will almost have the same feature as PDA. OK, I haven't jailbreak my iPod touch yet. But I guess it's a matter of time. A lot of features are missing in iPod touch. I can't manually copy files into it. I can't check email.

It is just a matter of time.


dude, jailbreak it and you'll be amazed.

they have iphone apps, msn and other cool apps on it.

even if its not jailbroke, its still a beautiful piece of technology. :)

You need to put games on it man! ;)

Stupid singkie mentality. The ipod is not free. You paid for it with your contract.

Malique: I just jailbreaked yesterday night. Cool. Still exploring it.

LEGIT freebies dude: Yeah dude. Any games to intro?

Anon: I need the broadband anyway, so with or without the iPod touch, I will still need to sign the contract with Singnet.

You can't expect people to give you freebies for not using their service. Right?

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