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Spoilt market

Wah ciao. This guy spoilt market. Go thru so much to propose to the gal.

A gallery, a non-existent artist, laser-cut foamcore and pattern recognition. Wah, seriously, which gal won't be touched by this?

Guys, need to do something to match with him liao. -_-'''

w00t! so nice la... woooooo

Hendri: If you are reading this, I'm so so sorry. Next time you propose to Nicole, must outdo this person liao. :P

Waaaaaaa! Want to cry already lah!

.... It's that their love for art and the effort and work made just to touch her the way she would be. Not every girl will know how to appreciate but she would.. and that's what counted. Esp since he understood that she would. Amazing.

Claudia: How come?

Bimbo: Yeap. It actually depends on who is the person that do it too.

Check out this blog! It is so much more touching and spoilt market. Even came out on newspaper!

Scine: Which blog?

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