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And the best loser award goes to........ DK

Actually I don't want to blog about this issue. But I'm left with no choice but to step out and tell everyone where I'm standing because my name was mentioned several times in many blogs. I feel that I'm being misinterpreted.

Firstly, I don't want to win any single award. I wasn't expecting to win anything at all. I didn't even prepare for a thank you speech. I don't want to win anything, including the best blog award.

I did ask Uzyn about the best blog award. Initially, I thought the idea was the best blog will be judge by the total number of votes from all the best post and best blog categories. But maybe I misinterpreted Uzyn's idea of best blog award. His idea of best blog is the blog that got the most votes from the blog categories.

Is this considered controversial? I don't think so. I feel that it's debatable and depends on how you view it. I agree that my views and uzyn's views are different. But there is no right or wrong in this argument. Both methods has their pros and cons. Since Uzyn decided to take the other method to judge the winner, then I will go with his decision.

So why did I say I'm the loser?

I spend so much time and effort trying to make this entire event work.

We met up several times to discuss about this event. Went to geek terminal to discuss the event and pricing. Went to TCC boat quay to discuss the nomination. Do you know how many hours are being spend there?

And the countless of emails that we send to discuss and coordinate this event. Everyone is very supportive of this event. We put in alot of effort. And the endless MSN discussion we made. Even until the night before the event, we are still on MSN ensuring everything is in order.

I specially went down to iShop after work on Monday to collect the gift packs together with Uzyn. iShop is very kind to provide us the bags and some goodies. But they are too heavy for me to carry them home alone via MRT. Wanted to grab a cab, but the Taxi queue is very long. I have to call my bro-in-law who is NOT THAT nearby to come fetch me.

I drove down to Fort Road on Tuesday 11pm SPECIALLY to collect the gift from Shuffle-arts. Roger gave us some discount voucher and shuffle-arts for door gift. I also exchanged several emails with Paddy from bak2u on the gift packs too.

And I carried the gift pack from my house to Geek Terminal on that day. I have to take cab down because it is impossible to take MRT. I even call cab because I was late and we still haven't pack the gift pack yet. We spend 1/2 hour at the entrance of Geek Terminal packing the gift pack. Thanks to everyone for helping out.

And I was running around the place during the entire event, looking to see if there is any thing that need my help. I didn't really get to sit down and enjoy the award presentation at all.

Why am I doing all these? Why do I even bother? I've been doing all this because I wanted to do something for this community. I hope this community can grow and bond together. I hope more people will join us at, come out have lots of fun.

So did I achieve that? NO!

One day after the award presentation, what I'm seeing is the verge of a full blown flame war. I get people MSN-ing, SMS-ing and calling me and talk about this best blog award issue. Seriously, I don't really care that much about it. I just want the community to come out, gather and have fun.

PLEASE! Do you all want to see break up into a flaming war? Do you want this party to be the last party dare to organise? Everyone here is my friend. I don't want to see this happening to us. Before you type your next flaming entry on your blog, think about it. Do you want to break up this community which we spend so much time building? What is the point of this flame war? What do you want to achieve from it? Think about it.

So the best loser for this award is DK. For putting in so much effort for the party, hoping that the community will grow stronger, YET it ended up as a flame war, dragging him down at the same time. Well done DK! Keep up the good work.

Do I get a best loser award trophy for this?


I like

I dont like drama.

i love

i don't like drama (quote from rinaz)

thank you dk, for doing so much. i appreciate what you had done. dun be too hard on yourself.

you certainly do not get best loser award.

in my opinion, you gave your very best. thats all it matters.

Who really enjoys drama especially when it affects the community negatively.

But anyway DK, you did your best for the event, so do not feel down or anything k.

yeah.. you guys did well. It's great! I like everything accept the pasta. really. =)

Chill DK~ If there were to be such an award, you'd definitely not be nominated (and I mean that in a good way) ;x

Hmmm... I'm not really an active member at so I really don't know what's going on. I only know that I support my idol to the fullest!

"PLEASE! Do you all want to see break up into a flaming war? Do you want this party to be the last party dare to organise? Everyone here is my friend. I don't want to see this happening to us. Before you type your next flaming entry on your blog, think about it. Do you want to break up this community which we spend so much time building? What is the point of this flame war? What do you want to achieve from it? Think about it."

Like you said, is a community. This is why it won't be broken up by a single person, or two. Don't worry about it.

Some bloggers would say or write anything to get attention, often at the expense of other people. I see that now.

U-Zyn and the team spent so much effort putting this event together. Many of us have forgotten the whole point of this event — To celebrate the first year anniversary of a very successful meta-blog. The awards were only secondary.

I guess not all the people were there to celebrate.

Hi Dk and all pingster reading in.

I have contacted ECL busy with foreign guest in town. I Had informed her of the controversial and unhapiness created by her latest blog.

She had requested me to apologies to all on her behalf. She had also requested me to remove the post on her behalf.

Her post was a spur of action of ranting, when not received a proper reply from Uzyn.

The paragrph on Veron, Estee and Arzhou was meant to be cheeky and bitchy on her usual, fun going character. Sorry to have offended them.

She will comment tonight.

Rinaz: I also don't like drama. Especially those say I'm a gay stuff. Haiz.

Nicole: Oei. Why you refuse to give me that award?

Arzhou: You also added to the drama hor. :P

UFC: Nice meeting you yesterday. Was the pasta really that bad? I find it so-so lor. Will feedback to Geek Terminal when I got the chance. Thx.

princess: Why you also don't want to nominate me for that award? I don't deserve meh? Can't you all see I lose a lot liao?

Veron: I must disagree. A community can only be a community if everyone is united together. If nothing is done to this, it will surely break the whole community.

Just calm down lah. Put the diff aside.

Christopher: Thanks for helping me talk to ECL. :)

Lol, I did? maybe my first comment could be considered drama-ish :p but nvm what is more impt is for us to move on.

And i got to agree with UFC on the pasta, it was bad, I took 1 bite and left it alone.

Arzhou: Yes, agreed that we should all put down the differences and move on. Not good for the community to have such senseless arguments. We got better things to do.

Pasta really that bad ah? I should get my taste bud checked. I find it so-so. Haha.

you dun deserve the best loser award :P

you deserve something better. IMHO =)

hey DK. Before meeting you in person I really felt like you were nasty to me all the time. NTT was saying you are my archrival (err... you don't crap, how to rival?) But after seeing you real I kind of changed my view abt you.

I think some members have put in a bit too much emotion into their blogpost on the event. The writer may mean one thing, the reader may read another. I think it's not really healthy to start shouting across each other's blog.

Personally I think sponsors and helpers alike are hard to find. No one is obliged to make things happen, but you guys made things happen. My salute to you all!

hey DK,

Everybody have their firsts.

For one, I felt the tremendous effort that you pumped into this event to ensure you and the team pull it off successfully via this post, despite your personal busy schedules.

From my observation,
From all the flaming posts I've seen so far, most of them are irrelevant to address the bottom issue - which is, the miscommunication amongst team members of how the awards are awarded. And I guess, this issue (the fire) have to be addressed straight on, rather than the other arguments (the smoke).

I think you truly deserve the loser award and keep the trophy on the shelve.

Don't view the award as a reminder of a failure, but rather, take it a important lesson for yourself that this situation should not happen in future ping,sg events.

I personally learnt from my failures, and they are in fact my best teachers.

Let's pick up the pieces, and move on to make a better place, I believe with this experience, the organising committee would be a wiser one.

Best Wishes.

hey dk,

wah lao, u make me want to cry after reading this post. thank u for making such an effort.

Hey DK, me not a long time pingster nor am I in the community long but this is just a single episode, no need to be so harsh about it.. Chill....

This comment has been removed by the author.

DK!!! i like u! u're not loser lah.


n yep thank you for all the effort u put in.. n to all the other team members too.. i know u all worked really hard! n u all didn't even whine about it as much as i did (hee hee!) and i did so little lor (oops)

we'll stil continue to work together as a commnunity and have more and better events for ping yah!

i really enjoyed myself yesterday, though :)

n i declare DK officially NOT GAY! :D girls can start to ask him out on dates ok! :D

* all guys' application will b rejected *

he he DK thank you for never getting angry whn we tease u abt the gay stuff haahaa its all jus a joke. n u're such a gd sport to take it! :)

There was only 1 loser last night, and it wasn't you, dk.

Thanks for helping so much for the community, DK. I'm happy that the party had managed to go through with all of us doing voluntary work.

Thanks to all of you personally.

Nicole: I really lose too much last night.

chillycrap: NTT is right, you are really my arch rival. hahaha.

Jayson: You are right. There is really a big miscommunication issue here. Lets hope it clears up fast.

tstar: Don't anyhow hug me hor. Wait someone bash me up.

iris: Yes, we all need to chill

Daphne: why must you bring up the gay thing again? *slap forehead*

dk please ure not a loser cos you is hawt!!!

heads up. :)

Hey, I think you're really the big winner. :) All your acceptance speeches were entertaining and sincere and I was quite impressed.

As for the event, there will always be critics even for the best efforts. You can't please everyone, so no point letting that get you down.

Everyone else appreciates your efforts, so isn't that what's most important? :) Keep it up! I want to see you sweep awards again next year! ;)

malique: No lah, I not hot.

sheylara: Thanks. I didn't prepare for the acceptance speech before hand. Wasn't really expecting to win. Was kinda nervous when talking.

Huh? sweep all the award next year? Don't want lah. Wait people shout kelong.

Yeah, we all can tell you didn't prepare your speeches, that's why they were all the more impressive and sincere mah. ;)

Sheylara: Thx. Although I thought it would be even better if the nominee had prepared a speech or something. :P

dk nice guy, I like :D

Have no idea what happened, ECl's post deleted liao so can't read it.

ECL's very tongue in cheek and confrontational when faced with injustice, but I think she doesn't mean harm, esp not to you.

Kiss and make up :)

ecl is the biggest winner because she gave uyzn $200 for the cake. Uyzn accepted $200 from ecl is a fact. So what did he accept fm veron for best blog of the year?

uzyn said ecl is a loser after she became the biggest winner. So why is he shielding a bigger loser who only win 2 awards?

the awards by are for losers? uyzn took back ecl's 4 trophies oredi wat. Who is the meanest and biggest loser in uyzn is the biggest bastard!

I got no idea who this passerby is, but he/she/it had been posting the same comment on many blogs related to party.

Just for your info guys.

passerby: I don't think you are a mere passerby lor. Anyway, I've deleted your duplicated comments in my other entries. Leaving this one intact.

Adam: Yeap, we know. Just someone trying to create trouble. Let him be lor.

Oh ya, I've moved your comment to this post. Want to keep other post clean and tidy. Hope you don't mind.

dude, i don't really know what happened because i haven't actively participated in a community like ping, but i just wanna say that you guys are doing a great thing bring bloggers together, and these trials under fire will make you a stronger team. -) it's not always a bed of roses, and by the looks of it, you've put a lot of blood sweat and tears into this. i'd rather hope to see you guys succeed! -)

litford: Tears? Where got tears? Guys no cry one. (even cry also cannot let people know. Very throw face 1) Hahaha.

Thx for your support. :D

wah so mama drama

there's other 'better' blogs out there. its pretty subjective.

you're fooling urself if you think such awards have no complications thereafters. learn from it. hope next award will be better

good job on your part

want to prevent this again? easy ... dun hold the award next year

uncle sha

Uncle Sha: I disagree. Why stop holding award next year just because of some setback? The more we have problem, the more we should carry on doing it next year.

We should learn from our mistake and do a better one next year instead of escaping from it. Don't you think so? :D

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