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Ku Zhong Zhuo Le

Making Pleasure out of Bitter times. (Pls excuse me if my translation is not that good)

Knew that I have to work OT till very late today. So happen that my dad was nearby my office at 6pm. I took his car home with him and drive the car back to office so that I can drive home after my OT.

While at my home, saw that the Pasar Malam is still ongoing. Went to buy Ramly Value Meal again and bring it back to office to eat.

I don't know if it is the stall make really good ramly burger or because it's simply Ku Zhong Zhuo Le. The burger taste very good today.

Which reminds me of life.... This is what life is suppose to be. Making pleasure during hard times. It is all these little pleasures along the way that keeps you going during hard times.

And I know I will go on..... :)
(Oh btw.... this blog was written in office. Time now, 12:30AM. I should go home now.)

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