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Sedition Act


Am I the only person who is worried when I saw this Sedition Act.

It seems like almost everyone of us had committed this crime. Oops.

**Will update later**

... The only problem left, therefore, is whether you or I could be rais(ing) discontent or disaffection amongst the citizens or residents of Singapore via our eloquent discourses upon the nature of the universe (and other peripheral matters). The answer to this is pretty simple - when is the last time anything anyone said qualified under this heading? (and remember the exceptions, in s3(2), see my previous post)

Indeed, having s3(1)(d) in the Sedition Act instead of the Discontent or Disaffection Act might even help; surely something which is considered to raise discontent or disaffection would have to be similar in at least some respects to the other limbs of s3(1)...

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