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New Oasis??

Wifi-ing at Orchard Parade Starbucks. Its just across the road from my old Oasis.

I know, I keep saying that I prefer Coffee Bean over Stuckbucks. But seriously, I think I'm growing to like their Cafe Mocha. Blame Coffee Bean for not having Singnet WIFI. If they had Singnet WIFI, I wouldn't have gone Starbucks so often and get addicted to their Mocha.

But I'm always drinking Cafe Mocha at Starbucks. Don't really like the rest of their drinks. At least at Coffee Bean, I still have a couple of drinks to choose. At Starbucks, its just Cafe Mocha, Cafe Mocha and Cafe Mocha.

This could be my new Oasis. Nice Jazz muisc. Strong Singnet WIFI signal. And a Night Rider bus stop nearby. What else could I ask for?

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