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Christmas Shopping part 2

5 more days to Christmas.

Went on another Christmas shopping today. A more productive one actually. I don't know why but I always managed to find Christmas presents at Takashimaya. Got almost all the Christmas presents that I need..... except for one. Still cracking head and thinking what to get for that troublesome woman.

Another reason why I like to shop for Christmas present at Takashimaya is because they have a huge gift wrap counter during Christmas. As you all know, most guys score zero when comes to gift warpping. I know, it will look more sincere if you do the gift wrap yourself. But judging from my skill in wrapping gift, I guess it would look more sincere if I get some help rather than I do it myself.

Thanks to all the wonderful ladies (and 2 amazing guys) working at the Takashimaya gift wrap counter.

I love gift wrap counters!!!


Did you get me a big big big present?


But I don't have your house address. How to deliver to u? :P

Just send it to Mushroom Hump on Again Again Lane, Teletubby Land.

My name's Po.


why guys can't wrap presents one? it's such a fun process. Hee hee..


Shan: its the same reason why gals can't read map.


who says girls cant read map?

Don't say those exceptional cases lah.

Most gals can't read map. Just like most guys can't gift wrap. :P

i can read map okay. read only what.. no need to give directions. Wa ha ha ha...


That aside.

WHERE's my present? huh huh huh?


Shan: very lame.... :P

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