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MacDonald out of Curry Sauce?

I saw this twitter posting by mrbrown yesterday. Not sure if this a rumor or the truth.

MacDonald's are out of Curry Sauce for McNuggets, according to HWZ forums. This is a national crisis. Now you will have to eat them plain and taste ...


Hmmm... is this true? If yes, perhaps I can sell these at ebay.

At black market rate. $1 per pack. *evil laugh*


Wa really ah? What a tragedy! I have some of these too. Let's sell them and make a handsome profit together! *evil laugh*

not true lah the mcdees at my mall still have them....

hmm...but then again, if its running outta stock... prob I shld stock up nw

you better dun sell expired sauces hor.. i LS i come find u.. LOL

i always like my macnuggets plain though. (:

Veron: Maybe we can do a bulk sale together. haha

furfur: Maybe its their last few boxes?

surreal: Don't worry. I got them few days ago. :)

dc: Actually, I prefer bbq sauce.

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