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Xtra Dangerous

Have you been to the new FairPrice Xtra at AMK hub?

I simply don't understand why they need to move into that building when it is not ready yet. Look at the picture, construction still taking place. OK, this is not the enterance to the building. They have another enterance at the side for shoppers. But some part of the basement is still under construction too. When you go to the basement, you can still hear all the drilling noise. When we walk pass one of the door, we saw some workers on ladder trying to fix the glass door. The building is not ready yet.

Yet FairPrice and some other store decided that they could actually move in now. Crazy. What if something falls down and hit the shoppers? Isn't there any law that says that a building can't open for business unless the building is completed?

My advice to everyone is, avoid going there now. Wait till the place is more or less completed.

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