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Rain over

Today's newspaper frontpage says "Expect another wet, wet week, says weatherman".
But strangely, it didn't rain at all today. There is even some sunlight.

Anyway, I got a SMS today explaining why it keep raining in Singapore lately.

That is because Rain's coming on 21 Jan 2007, 8PM.


Goodness! DK, you just outlamed yourself again.

Took me a few seconds to figure that 'pun' out.


Did I?

Watch his concert must take umbrella or not? :)

Raincoat would be a better option. :)

hahah. so corny. i only heard of Rain in Dec. i had to surf the blogs and find out who exactly is this guy causing a sensation. then i lost interest. heh.

Imp: In Dec? Which part of Asia have you been for the past few years? lol....

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