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五月天 - I love you 无望

I could never fully understand the meaning of this song. Maybe because it is in hokkien and the chinese lyrics doesn't really help much.

Anyway, just want to share with you one of the songs that I keep listening to lately. Don't know why, I just simply love this song. Maybe suits my current mood ba.

Can't seems to find the live concert version. The concert version is a lot better than the MTV.

五月天 - I love you 无望

是你的形影 叫我逐天作眠梦梦中可爱的人
伊不是别人我的每一天 一分钟也不当轻松
你是我爱的人 将我来戏弄九月的风在吹
哪会寒到心肝底希望变无望 决定我的一世人
I LOVE YOU 无望 你甘是这款人没法度来作阵
也没法度将我放 I LOVE YOU 无望
我就是这款人我身边没半项 只有对你的思念

Buahahah...what a Hokkien rock ;p
I heard something like "...I love bang (无望)..."
Suddenly I thought of "no mosquitoes"-bo bang leh? !
Now somemore dengue seasong :O

Tigerfish: Maybe we can get the govt to use this song in the anti-dengue ads. lol...

buahaha....ya ya...can ask ECL help to draft the letter to garmen, she's a seasoned writer leow! lol...
ECL, you reading or not? ;p

ECL?? She busy booking her getaway tickets lah. She going to be arrested anytime. :P

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