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PITA and Password

I don't know why, but PITA always have something with password.

PITA changed his password yesterday when he return from 2 weeks leave. Our company system make password expire every 3 months, so you will have to change your password every 3 months.

What happen was, he forgotten what did he put for the new password today! What the heck? He go change password and can forget what new password did he assign. Clever right? So he came to find me and ask if I know what is his password.

How the heck would I know? Yes, I'm the LAN admin. But I'm only incharge of the IT stuff in our project team, not the entire company. Common sense will tell you that this kind of thing must go find the computer support department.

And my colleague was trying hard not to laugh when she hear him asking me that question. Everyone knows you need to find the computer support department.

Well, everyone except him.


I also liddat lah! Forgetful. Don't bully old people mah.

But being forgetful is 1 thing leh. He thinks that I can reset his password.

Hello... company so big, I'm just the LAN admin for the project team only.

When he asked you what was his password, you should have told him with a straight face, "pita." :p

Lol... i was giggling lah..
But really funny mah.
I think cobalt paladin's comment very power.
DK next time u shld try.
He sure give u blur look!

cobalt: What if he really go and try 'pita' and get his userid locked out?

hx: Or next time if he ask you to suggest a new password again, you tell him 'pita' lor

hmm see lor. If there's a chance maybe.. :)

If u managed to make him change the password to 'pita2007', then that will be ultimate liao

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