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Decay On Advertlets

If your eyes aren't immune to ads yet, you should be able to see an ads on top of my blog.

Yes, DK started putting ads on his blog. *Play horror movie music*

Didn't DK says that he don't want to put ads on his blog?
Well, people change don't they? Thinking changes, ideas changes and point of view changes. I didn't really want to put ads in my blog in the past. But after getting to know about advertlets during the party, I decided, why not give them a try. No harm trying right? If I don't like it after a few months, I can always remove it mah. Anyway, I need some extra cash after taking so much taxi lately.

So why Advertlets?
OK, I did mentioned that Josh is one of the person I regret not talking to during the party. But even though I didn't get the chance to talk to him, I get to hear good things about his company. So I guess, if I want to put ads on my blog, I should give Advertlets my first try.

And also, since I'm the winner of 2 awards during the party, I get some free clicks from Advertlets (Which I forgotten how many. haha). This means I should be able to cash out the money faster. Right? hee hee. :D

Oooh ... may you live long and prosperous and rich *bows*

Rina: Hahaha... thx. :D

Personally i perfer ads on the side of the blog, somehow it looks nicer.

Adzhou: Ya, but my sidebar too skinny already. Cannot put the ads there. Maybe next time when I choose new template, I'll choose one with a fatter sidebar. :D

Ain't adsense better?

pubed: Well, both have their pros and cons. :)

haha first time i saw that ad i was like...haha time to earn some money! :P

May your blog bring in more cash for u!

Nicole: Thx. Click more often hor. :P

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