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10 Turnoffs that Make Great Guys/Gals Wave Goodbye

Here is a very useful dating tips for guys and gals who are single.

10 Turnoffs That Make Great Gals Wave Goodbye
10 Turnoffs That Make Good Guys Wave Goodbye

I think I haven't commit any of those mistakes yet. Or did I commit them unknowingly?

Or could it be.... you have not had a chance to make the mistakes yet :p

Arzhou: Ya lah. You don't have to rub it in right? I'm not like you, able to get a gal into your BEDROOM to play your wii.

Arzhou just plays Wii Wii in his bedroom. There's no gal to speak of...

sicarii: No lor. That time he bring a gal back. Still post picture big big on his blog somemore lor.

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