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Bottled water

Will you still buy bottled water after watching this clip?

Frankly speaking, I prefer to drink tap water.

Same here .. if I can, I will go for tap water. I been drinking tap water for years anyway but only here in Singapore not other parts of the world.

Actually you can drink tap water and many many parts of the world. Just have to ask the locals..

Personally, I only see the use of bottled water when I need to carry the water around..

Tap water tastes so much better than any bottled water here..

It's definitely the tap water for me. I can't stand the taste of some of brands of mineral water. I always bring water from home whenever I go out, because I don't believe in paying extra money for something you could just grab at home.

I love Penn and Teller's bullshit! (The name of the show) there are heaps of other topics that they talk about - some of them which I dont agree with, but they presented it well. Just youtube it

I also go for tap water. Don't like the taste of some of the bottle water. :D

Rina: Yeap. I love their bullshit series too. :)

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