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When is my turn?

It was my Nephew's full month party last Sunday. Sis and brother-in-law ordered buffet and invited quite a number of relatives and friends over to celebrate.

As usual, when relatives come to such events, they will surely ask those questions like when is my turn.

Relatives: When is your turn?
Me: My turn over liao.
Relatives: Huh?
Me: I had my full month party 27 years ago mah. You didn't come meh?
Relatives: Hahaha....
*Me tries to walk away*

Don't understand why relatives always ask such questions at wedding and full month party. Don't they have other topic to say? And they also don't know how to ask the right questions. When is my turn? I had mine 27 yr ago.

Ok, ok... I know they don't mean that. I know they mean when is my turn to have baby and full month party. Tsk tsk..... Don't have girlfriend yet, and they now talking about having baby. What they want me to do? Shotgun?

Anyway, here a picture of my nephew.

Isn't he cute? :)

So sweet! He is just sleeping while every one else is celebrating the gift that he is.
Did you get to carry him?

Precious: Oh, he sleeps a lot. Really a lot. :D

Yeap, I do get to carry him. But at this age, need to be very careful when carrying him. Extra care has to be put on the head and neck.

Wait till his neck gets stronger, he would be easier and better to carry. :)

so tiny... so adorable...

babies do sleep alot. They eat, sleep, poo, cry... that's about it. :)

Priscilla: Yeap. And experiment with how to move their arms, legs and body.

But he don't cry a lot. And easy to make him stop crying. :D

Hahaha. Good one. I love how you answered your relatives. Anyway, I really think the real reason why relatives like to ask that kind of question is precisely because they have no better topic to talk about. :P

It's like how, whenever you meet someone new, the first questions asked are always, "Are you working or studying? Where?" You just can't escape it.

Sheylara: But at least those questions that someone new asking aren't that bad. Relatives can also ask those questions mah. Right?

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