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Ogilvy PR Media Night - Champagne & strawberries

I was invited to Ogilvy PR Media Night last Tuesday by Brian. The event was held at their main office at Ogilvy Centre along Robinson Road. They have this beautiful area with sofa and tables for entertaining guest. You might be wondering why I’m invited to a Media Night by a PR company. Well, new media also considered media right? It’s interesting to be invited to a party that used to be for the mainstream media. Perhaps it’s a sign that more people are beginning to recognize the influence of the new media in Singapore.

I finally get to meet Brian at that event. We’ve been liaising quite a bit on emails for the past few months and it’s good that I can meet him in person. Brian has a very interesting job title at Ogilvy call "Digital influence". Cool title. And we spend the whole evening joking on how he is going to influence us bloggers with lots of Champagne.

It was a pleasant evening with free flow Champagne and strawberries. I lost count on the number of glasses I drank. Brian’s director bought a whole bottle of Champagne to our table so that we could refill our glasses conveniently. Had a great time talking to them and understanding how the company works. Before leaving, we had a guided tour around the office by Brian. The office looks great. They even have a full time barista during office hour. Wow…. Suddenly I feel like sending my resume to Ogilvy. Haha.

It was a relaxing evening with lots of interaction among the never ending Champagne, strawberries and finger food. Had a great time. Thanks to Brian for inviting me to this wonderful event. Looking forward to more great events organised by Ogilvy.

Wha!!!.. So good ah!! Free flow champagne!! Nice.. Lucky guy..

NTT: Hmmm...... I thought I also saw you there! lol.

I wasn't there.. must have been my evil twin.. ;)

so few photos...

Ntt: Hmmm... but he seems to be very nice that day. Perhaps the NTT that we have been seeing is the evil one and the one attending is the good one. Hahaha....

Precious: Busy drinking Champagne lah. :D

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