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Remember the face recognition thing that I did some time back?

Discovered that they now have this new collage feature where they make a nice picture of your result. Cool huh?

So I try using the picture that I submitted that time. But I didn't get Tony Leung this time. DAMN. Tony Leung very yandao leh. Why I don't look like him anymore?

Anyway, as usual, I get a bunch of peope whom I don't recognise. All except one.

Takashi Sorimachi. 反町隆史. 63% somemore.

I swear that I didn't photoshop this picture. REALLY.

Me GTO. Hahahaha.... The program must be faulty again. Sorry to all the Takashi Sorimachi fans.

Well,Takashi isn't too bad looking:)

prob change your hairstyle abit...either crop it OR rebond when long and layered it... haha...

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