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Need a new hairstyle

Been thinking of changing my hairstyle.

My hair has always been a disaster. No matter how I gel them, they just won't stay the way I wanted them to be. I really need to do something about it.

Still can't figure out what new hairstyle to go for.

Went Toys'R'Us with my nephew and family today. They are selling this fake rubber hair that is meant for halloween party.

What do you think about me in spikey yellow hair?
Nah.... don't look good.

My cousin introduced me to this salon inside Wisma Istan. Her boyfriend went there and she feels that the stylist are great. Maybe I'll visit them next weekend.

Well... Since I can't decide on a hairstyle, maybe I'll just ask them to do what they think best suits me. Hope they don't dye yellow and cut it until spikey.

well u shld go to the hair spa @ the pacific plaza, look for murphy! I've been with him for almost 4yrs now...

nothing fancy, the style juz suit his client

one needs to find a few stylists before being able to settle for one. Just keep exploring ba.
gd luck~


you look like astro boy in yellow spiky hair. haha.

holy shit !!!!!! 超级塞亚人!!!!!

Looks Naruto-ish... :D

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