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Christmas present from bottle

Just recieve a Christmas present from the mailbox.

A $10 note. :)

Actually, I don't really know the person. All I know is his blog nick is Bottle and I've been to his blog a few times via

Thanks for the early Christmas present.
I'll go think of something to buy with that $10.

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Hey, you really received it! Wow!

Yeap. :D

U tot fake 1 right? haha

Lol!Weird gift...

evolna: what's so weird? i was in a mood of giving. think bout it, it takes 1min to email me the mailing address to earn SGD10, that's actually a SGD96,000 per month job! (8 hrs per day, 20 days per month)

weird? it's a get-rich scheme at its best! LOL

bottle: but then, such chances don't come often. :P

dk: hahah... true.
but u took the effort, and that's worth it.

merry christmas again!

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