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I'm sick and tired of all the people talking, gossiping and teasing. There is a time when enough is enough. Doesn't anyone understand the meaning of 点到为止?

I'm actually quite thick skin towards this whole issue already. The amount of teasing has already reached beyond my threshold, yet I still try to remain calm and let you all carry on. In the past, I would had dig one hole and hide inside already. There come a time when everything should stop. I think it is now. All of you are older than me. Can't you all show some maturity?

And I've been enduring all your senseless teasing. I don't mind, cause I'm a guy. I tried my best to ignore all your teasing. But then she is a gal. How much embarrassment can she endure? Can't you guys just spare her from all your teasing? Come after me if you want to find someone to tease. Leave her alone.

I don't like the feeling of purposely not doing something to avoid her being teased by you people.

Its about time you people grow up.

I agree...time for peeps to grow up...I hate gossip and have no time for it.

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