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Who is there to save me?

While rushing to fix the error I've created, someone emailed me saying her team made an error too. They were lucky to spot their error earlier. The impact is not great too.

So I help them solve the error and prevent the error from reaching customer. Her boss send me a "big thank you email" when everything was done.

While I managed to save your team, nobody could save me. Sometimes, its sad to be at the bottom of the workflow. If someone make an error, the error data will reach my side and I might still be able to fix it before it reaches customer. If I make an error, who is there to save me?

Perhaps I should request to transfer to some team that is higher up the workflow.

Wah future lady boss send you a big email not give u pink slip, u should be grateful :)

Another team lah.

pink slip? don't know. Maybe preparing now.

maybe she is trying to suan seow u?
or she wana wa ku u...hahahaha; hian lah...let T eat alone

Stanley u no good :)

No lah. Pple don't even know abt the error I made.
Why u all read so much into simple gesture?

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