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Meeting with ex

Was roaming around suntec last night. Had a sinful dinner at carl's Jr and was looking for a place idle for the rest of the night. Decided to go to Starbucks for a drink and WIFI. Just when I was queuing up, my phone rang. It was Jessie.

She just finished her facial and was looking for company for dinner. Since she is just nearby, I agreed to "watch" her eat as I'm too full to eat anything.

Jessie is my ex gf. We were together when I was in the army and broke off 4 years ago. That was the longest relationship I ever had. We still keep contact and meet up once in a while.

We decided to go for a drink after her subway sandwich. Wanted to go balaclava, but the place was too pack. Tried Paulaner, but also too crowded. We finally settled down at Flo at One Fullerton.

I had Hoegaarden again. Couldn't resist when I see them serving Hoegaarden in those huge glass. I guess Hoegaarden taste better in those huge manly glasses.

We had a good chat. I always believe that you can still be friends after break up. Its nice to have her as a friend. She said that I'm her only ex that she still keeps in contact with. I'm so honoured. :)

Jessie is getting married next weekend. Congrats. Wish the both of you and your husband a blissful marriage.


Lets see...the last time my 2nd bf called me was to borrow $$$, and my last bf always behave itimately with his current gf in front of me....and so that left with my 1st bf who I can consider as a normal frd, coz we still joke ard, chat, though he is currently attached...

Thank you for your blessings! And do come out again soon.. cheers! Jessie

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