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Pleasant surprise

Saw a few staff handing out kam and wishing us happy new year when I reach my office's lift lobby today morning. Wow. What a pleasant surprise.

For the past few years, they only give out kam at HQ. We IT people never had a chance to recieve any of the kam as we are not located at the HQ. Our company's HQ is in the CBD. Land expensive.... Can only afford to have the big shots and marketing staff there. So the IT staff are being located at some office in some industrial park. As I mentioned before, IT dept are usually viewed as a cost centre. So we seldom get any special benifits.

Well... this time is different. They specially have some staff from HQ to come to our ulu office building to give out kam. I know, kam don't cost much, but its the thoughts that count. I'm deeply touched by the small little suprise.....

But hor... I got a lot of kam already. Now you give me 2 more kam. How am I going to settle them?

Ai kam mai? Anyone?

Ai Kam Mai?? Hee... this always cracks me up.

why one big one small one?

furfur: Aiya, got kam happy liao. Don't bother if they same size or not. Scally next year kam also don have.

Start with the small one and work it up to the bigger one lor. heee heee

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