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I almost cried while listening to these parliament speech by our opposition party member of parliament. Everyone is against this unpopular move by the government. Yet we are powerless. We can't stop them from doing it. Nobody can.

The 3 opposition member are only a small whisper in parliament. What can they do? They did tried to fight and block the minister pay hike. But they are not strong enough to stop it. We didn't give them enough power.

Why bother to do hip hop at chingay? You think you can really connect with the youth merely by dancing? Even if you did managed to connect with the youth, your pay hike just disconnected yourself from the rest of Singapore. Completely.....

Remind myself to bring up this post when the next election comes.....

LOL! the translation for 半斤八兩 is so funny!!!

this is total crap lah... the whole government is run like a private sector where result is justify by pay.

Thanks to those 66.6% dumbasses.

Chillycrap: U never seen that clip before meh? Taken from Estee's blog.

furfur: Singapore inc. mah.

Paddy: Not only them lor. Plus our parents who gave them so much power in the past.

Hope is not lost yet. We have another 4 years to prepare. Don't give up! The people of Singapore must unite!

Chio Chio De Aunty: Not I want to say lah, but a lot of Singaporeans are fan jian 1. Know they will raise the price of everything, still go and vote for them.

oh? who rec'd and youtubed those videos?

Not me.

Sylvia Lim makes an excellent case. Hey, her speech was cut short! Still, she argues very well. Maybe she will be the next PM and the first lady PM. :-)

PM is still far fetched. Perhaps a MP first.

The point of about globalization and increasing economical disparity is a good one.

Anyways, I think this just highlights how pathetic the political scene in Singapore is. Even with overwhelming opposition, they have still gone ahead with the pay hike. Whatever happened to democracy?

Nope, none of them any of the dumbasses cos all walked over! Really crappy.

Kenny: democracy? What is democracy?

paddy: don't remind me abt walkover. My GRC walkover lor. Sianz

that's the thing. 66.6% of the people did NOT vote for the ruling party. only a fraction of that.

i wonder how low this percentage would be then had the people from the walkover-ed GRCs been allowed to vote. maybe not by much but it'd be fairer and more transparent.

I totally agree with you that no matter how much the opposition tries it doesn't help. All they could do is comment.

mole: they are not even a comment lor. More like a whisper. Haiz.

Ultimately, I think the main reason why the 66.6% voted for them is cos we are Singaporeans after all, and as we all know, Singaporeans only like to hide in their comfort zone and complain whenever they are unhappy. They don like to come out and do something about it, they are too scared to move their asses in case they don like the new change.

I am speaking like I ain't a Singaporean. But hey, I never voted for them, I was walked over!

I also walkover lor. Sianz.

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