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MDA Senior Management Rap made it to Techcrunch

Congrats to MDA! Their rap made it to Techcrunch. WOOHOO!!!!!

In case you don't know, Techcrunch (Note: Not Techcrush) is the 4th most popular blog on Technorati. Good job guys. Just like what MDA's Director for Broadcast & Film Development Man Shu Sum sang in the rap:- "Singapore content, on an international stage". Indeed....

So what's next? US Billboard?

On a lighter note, decayonnet was being mentioned on yawningbread. Wow. :D

not only TC. Digg, Reuters, i4u etc also linking to the vid.

Lancerlord: Wow... they really become very famous. lol.

This is indeed "world class". Now, when CEO meets international investors, the conversation piece will be the "rap".

Spyer: I can imagine everyone saying "Yes yes y'all" whenever they meet the CEO. lol.

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